Bringing peer-to-peer support to the masses


Multi-target brand platform, brand identity system and website architecture for B2C and B2B SaaS mental health tech platform, Supportiv.


Supportiv is a revolutionary peer-to-peer support platform that resolves mental, emotional, and social struggles for pennies on the dollar compared to clinical approaches. With multi-patented capabilities, Supportiv matches individuals into real-time, live-moderated small group conversations that progress from venting to coping to problem-solving to healing.


As Supportiv was quickly finding traction across a variety of audiences - from health institutions to employer to schools - the founders reached out to us to develop a digital presence for both the public, as well as a platform to create bespoke customer portals for the various organizations they partnered with.

We worked closely with the team to define their objectives for the various audiences, spanning B2B and B2C users, develop a cohesive brand identity system, map out the optimal architecture and user experience, and design and develop their digital touch points.


Post launch, the team was able to drive more targeted marketing initiatives for their various target segments, and rapidly spun up and onboarded new customers at scale. To date, Supportiv have helped over 1.8 million people feel better across the United States.