Redefining help at work



Espressive is a pioneer in AI, automating enterprise digital workplace assistance. By applying the perfect blend of digital experience, intelligence, and automation, Espressive helps organizations redefine how employees get help at work.


As Espressive was transitioning from an early- to growth-stage company, we partnered with their leadership and marketing team to build a brand that better conveyed their advanced, enterprise-grade technology, yet in an approachable, human way that put their customers - and proof points - at the center.

The visual system cued off of the history of the brand and company, modernizing a scripted logo and evolving wavy graphics to show the friendly and seamless experience employees had while using their product to get help at work. Also, while communicating the story of Espressive's perfect blend of offerings through a comprehensive system of photography, illustration, diagrams, and abstractions.


Since the launch of the brand and website, Espressive has further extended its platform's capabilities as LLMs burst into the scene, and are recognized as a leader by analysts in the category.