Less talk. More exits.


Rebranding including naming, positioning, and brand identity for global venture network for founders, Further.


Starting a business is hard, and around the world, it can be even harder. In many markets, the shortfall of talent, smart money, strict regulation, and red tape makes it next to impossible for founders and teams to do what they do best. Venture firms should be there to help. However, in many markets, they are all talk and empty promises.

Further was founded to be the co-founder the partners always wanted in their own companies. A global venture network that provides the real backing that founders need to make it, anywhere.


We partnered with the Further partners to invent a bold, future facing brand, centered around the promise of reaching further together - and positioning them as the cofounder of choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

While the name speaks for itself, the visual identity adopted a logo mark reminiscent of a spaceship and a look and feel that reflected the visionary and future facing businesses they sought to create and invest in - from fintech, to digital assets, to supply chain, and beyond. Even going as far as creating illustrations and NFTs for every team member (as seen on their about page - and OpenSea).  


Further, based in Dubai, launched to global acclaim and are quickly making a mark as a leading firm in the region.