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TK Elevator

Universal Service by TK Elevator

Proposition Development
Global Launch

Strategic proposition development and global internal and external launch to reposition TKE service around a reinvented, pro-active vision of service as cover.


In today’s late-stage property market cycle, building owners and operators are looking to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their assets. Studio Everywhere worked with leading global brand TK Elevator to build on their unique strengths to redefine the category around a new definition of service.


Over the course of a year, our team worked with 50+ TKE leaders around the globe to ensure the proposition and messaging worked worldwide for all regional needs, and in 28 languages.

We helped TKE rethink the definition of the service category from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’ - Service as Cover. It’s a vision of an always-on, digitally enabled globally available concept supported by pioneering technology and expertise in servicing any type of equipment, worldwide, after 40+ years in the game.


Now TKE has an entirely new service proposition, AI-driven internal training solutions, sales enablement materials, local activation toolkits, and a campaign launch that helped TKE ignite the concept internally and externally, across 10,000+ employees: from the CEO and global leadership to field engineers, customer support and sales. All to make sure that when TKE says 'we've got you covered', they can truly deliver it.