Cooke Optics

Cooke Optics

Establishing a new product sub-category

Campaign Concept

Product positioning and insight mining for the product launch campaign of Cooke Optics' new cinematographic SP3 lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras.


Cooke Optics has been making the world's highest quality cinema lenses for over 100 years. Most cinematographers aspire to use Cooke Lenses from an early age, but the problem (until now) has been affordability: they are extremely expensive and were designed for high-end film cameras, not the digital ones now being used for 90% of all productions.

Our client had identified an opportunity to create a new product sub-category - by democratising their legendary Speed Panchro lenses for smaller digital cameras used by today's jobbing cinematographers, and a prosumer audience. The Cooke Optics Sp3 was born as a result.


Studio Everywhere’s brief was to create the launch campaign concept for these innovative new lenses. We conducted a qualitative insights study with 20+ Directors of Photography in the US, China and Europe to assess desirability, demand, and to define the right positioning for the new Cooke Optics SP3 lenses.

A few things quickly became clear:

1) they all had enormous respect and affection for Cooke,

2) we had a hit product on our hands

3) A Hollywood go-to, Cooke’s legendary lenses are synonymous with a soft focus, emotional feeling that is hard to define, but everyone knows it when they see it: "The Cooke Look". Cooke helps enhance storytelling and gives directors greater ability to move people.

From this came the campaign idea, 'Make Moving Images'.


Cooke Optics teased and launched their new CP3 lenses using our campaign idea. Once launched, the entire SP3 inventory sold out.