Bringing data out of the back office.

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Data is emerging as a cornerstone of business transformation, increasingly recognised for the impactful power it possesses. However, the world of data management hadn’t caught up with the trend — until now. BackOffice Associates saw this as an opportunity to bring themselves ‘out of the back office’ and find centre stage as their new outfit: Syniti.


BackOffice Associates was known as a safe pair of hands, the go-to partner for big businesses whenever they experienced a challenging data problem: for example in M&A situations. But as a pioneer in data migration and data management over the last 20+ years, a new leadership team saw this as an opportunity to bring themselves ‘out of the back office’ and onto the centre stage with a new global brand that would embrace and reflect data’s importance as a key accelerant of business transformation and growth in the 21st Century. The business goal was to position the company as a data leader. This was expressed in the new brand promise we created: Infinite Potential, Unlocked.


We selected Confederation Studio as the design partner to bring the new brand positioning and name, Syniti, to life. The new identity system focuses on the ’Syniti Flock’, a graphic language inspired by murmurations of starlings. A mesmerising flock of bird-like data points that constantly shift and adapt in a natural and unexpected way — as a visual metaphor for data’s power to generate valuable business insights.