Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology

Rebooting a legendary company culture


Internal global culture-building and rallying campaign, Racktivation, to reignite the original fanatical spirit of Rackspace.


Rackspace were the original cloud hosting pioneers during the early 2000s. As the original cloud experts, they became famous for their can-do, collaborative culture and bold promise of ‘Fanatical Support’. But over the years, they had been overshadowed by cloud giants like Google, AWS and Microsoft, and while the company had expanded globally and evolved in the face of threats by making smart acquisitions, their internal culture needed a reboot to bring the original magic back for employees worldwide, who had been working remotely during the pandemic and many of whom had never met in person.


Studio Everywhere worked closely with leadership, and marketing, brand, HR and internal communications teams to architect and design an internal, global culture-building campaign around the idea of ‘Racktivation’ - the idea that it’s the unique, collaborative way that Rackers do things that makes the company so special to work with and for (a fact borne out by 90%+ customer renewal rates). We defined ‘The Racker Code’ - a new brand purpose and redefined set of values designed to foster community and reignite the culture. And refreshed their brand visual system to bring back the sense of playfulness that had been lost during the company’s transition from start-up to publicly traded grown up. Finally, we developed an internal activation plan to align the global workforce around the new direction.


Rackspace launched the new direction in January 2021 to wide internal acclaim.