Making Work Flow

Launch Campaign

Insight mining, positioning, identity, and launch campaign for JUDI, the collaboration platform built to empower the clinical trial ecosystem.


AG Mednet was a 15 year old medical software business, who were known for their original Imaging product, which allowed clinical trial stakeholders to collaborate around shared patient information. But since that time, their suite of solutions had expanded under the name Judi (short for Adjudication), and customers had been referring to the platform as this for some time colloquially. The business was growing fast - and, with a new Chief Commercial Officer on board, it was time to invest in brand building to accelerate their success.


Studio Everywhere worked closely with the leadership team to uncover customer, company and competitor insights, then defined a clear brand role for them as the collaboration platform built to empower clinical trial ecosystems: putting the flow into the workflows that bring innovative therapies to patients, faster. Next we renamed the master brand from AG Mednet to Judi - a more evocative name that was already well recognised amongst customers and prospects. Then we brought the brand to life visually - through a bold and colourful identity system - and verbally - with messaging that emphasised all the advantages that Judi brings. Finally we designed built a new marketing website, and key launch applications, including sales materials and corporate templates.


The brand has just launched, but is already being well received by employees, prospects, and customers alike.