The New Connected Bazaar


Brand positioning and thought leadership platform for Bazaarvoice, a software enabling brands to harness consumers' voice by defining authenticity online.


For as long as humans have transacted, customer voice has been the most powerful driver of any marketplace (the original Bazaar) - something the era of broadcast mass media almost extinguished. But since the dawn of the internet and social media, consumer voices are back - and they have plenty to say.

For 18 years Bazaar Voice has been innovating, listening and leading the way in enabling brands to harness the new power of consumer voice to define a more meaningful and authentic presence in the post-digital marketplace: the new connected Bazaar.

They just hadn’t told anyone.

The challenge was to craft a clear, consistent narrative to make sense of what they do, why it matters, and serve as a springboard to continue shaping the category they had invented.


We worked with a multidisciplinary client team, and an extended group of Bazaarvoice's partners, customers, influencers and analysts to prototype, iterate and launch a new positioning and thought leadership platform, intended to focus the company's efforts across product, marketing communications, sales and events.

The story highlights the importance and limitless potential of recognizing, respecting and reinventing the relationship between shoppers and vendors. The message is a call to arms:

Whether you're a brand, retailer, influencer or consumer, partner with Bazaarvoice - navigators of the New Connected Bazaar - to Find your #bazaarvoice and supercharge your commerce engine.

With the story validated, we then worked closely with the client team to define stakeholder  messaging across a range of core themes and contexts to inform a co-ordinated and impactful launch at both this year's Bazaarvoice Summit, and SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas.