Bridge Money

Bridge Money

Keep That $ Flowing


Brand positioning and revitalised brand identity for Bridge Money, a venture-funded banking app, for their next phase of growth.


Bridge is the first bank that actually helps you make money. With a mission to help the low to middle income population move up the economic ladder, they provide direct opportunities to earn cash on a monthly basis rather than offering hypothetical wealth with a swath of service people with limited earnings will never be able to use.

On the back of a seed raise and early launch that saw them recruit their first 10,000 users, Bridge needed to build a brand for its next phase of growth and onboard its next 1,000,000 users. In one of the least trusted category by consumers, we needed to turn a startup with a powerful and ambitious mission into a reputable brands people can trust with their money.


We knew we were talking to an audience that isn’t looking for the best saving accounts or investment advice, we’re talking to people who need cash to put gas in the car, make rent, pay the utility bills. It’s not about building wealth, that’s for later, they first need to get some cash flowing to build the right foundations.

To do so, they became king of side-hustles, stacking jobs on top of one another to make ends meet. They’re not afraid to admit they’re chasing the money, they can’t afford not to. We positioned Bridge as the banking partner that brings them new ways to make bank today. Not in some hypothetical tomorrow.