Making money work for everyone

Launch Campaign
Brand Film

Branding and launch campaign for a cryptocurrency financial ecosystem, Seeds, that is designed to regenerate our planet.


SEEDS is both an ecological movement and a new cryptocurrency - that puts regenerating the planet at the heart of its ethos. All good - but when we met the team, it was very hard to explain what they were doing in a way that would appeal to everyone.


We worked closely with their decentralised organisation, Hypha, to uncover and articulate the core value and values at the heart of their ambition and offer, then codified it into a coherent and compelling brand story, built around the idea of ‘money that works for everyone’.

Next they needed a brand identity that not only reflected their core social values, but also appeared as high tech and trustworthy as a fintech business.

At the heart of the identity is a sense of optimism, built around a community of people with shared values of putting our planet first as they bring about the ‘Regenerative Renaissance’. The identity is based on the principles of sacred geometry.

We also created a launch strategy, with a library of impactful ideas for building the community as well as launch assets including the animated brand film, "What is SEEDS?”, found on their newly redesigned website.


It’s still early days for SEEDS, but the community continues to grow rapidly worldwide, ahead of their upcoming ‘Go Live’ date.