The HSBC U Experience

Spatial experience strategy and design for HSBC University's multi-purpose training and event space in Guangzhou, China.


HSBC was building a state-of-the-art new Asia corporate learning campus in Guangzhou.

The client turned to Studio Everywhere to create an experience strategy and concept for the the building that was fit for the brand, fit for purpose and future proof.


We co-created the experience vision with a cross-functional team of HSBC leaders from CRE, L&D, HR, and IT. We then aligned on a concept that provides a directional platform for a transformative visitor experience. The concept was "The Immersive Theatre".

Immersive theatre experiences transcend those provided by traditional theatres – so similarly, HSBC U will transcend the traditional corporate learning experience. Three experience principles act as pillars for how to create a suite of immersive, theatrical experiences throughout the visitor journey, all designed around clear visitor needs and goals.

The experience was designed around "Conscious Connectors": HSBC employees in line for unforgettable shared learning & development experiences. It was also designed with flexibility in mind so the campus could host many other event functions when not in use as a training centre.

To deliver this unified yet versatile campus experience, we designed an set of signature touchpoints to deliver a memorable experience at each stage of the visitor journey.