The Dealmaker's Information Edge


Insight mining, re-positioning, and brand identity refresh for B2B private company intelligence software company that empowers mergers and acquisitions teams.


Despite making up nearly half of the US economy, private companies are notoriously difficult to find and engage. Grata built a validated and fast-growing business through their development of a unique and differentiated company search engine. However, they needed a concise, compelling, and consistent way of describing what they do and their value proposition to reach their full ambition.


We worked with the founding team to reposition Grata as the leading private company intelligence engine. Built for dealmakers in search of an edge, Grata provides unparalleled information and access that drives the private economy. We also gave Grata’s visual identity system and website a refresh, helping them to come across as a more credible, established and technologically sophisticated player while staying true to their roots.


The brand was relaunched in October 2021. And we’re excited about the impact Grata will make unlocking the middle market.