Intelligently Connected


Repositioning a job fulfilment HR platform, LYNK, as a global knowledge network solution to elevate professional opportunities, profiles, and resumes.


The world is in the midst of a knowledge work revolution - where people’s value is no longer determined by what they make, as much as what they know. LYNK, originally an expert network, aspired to be at the centre of this revolution by becoming the platform that powers the new knowledge economy.


We partnered with LYNK to create a new category in which Lynk will be the platform that builds and amplifies the impact of the world’s knowledge. We then sharpened strategic focus and narrative needed to make the shift, including a powerful purpose-driven brand platform and identity. A purpose - to amplify the impact of the world’s knowledge - made possible by a new brand promise - Intelligently Connected.

Lynk’s powerful new brand that provided a platform to credibly lay claim as the leader of the new Knowledge Economy, and provided the groundwork for a step change in the business where new product launches elevated the business from an expert network to a differentiated knowledge platform.


Since the relaunch, LYNK is going from strength to strength - recently raising a $23m Series B led by Alibaba, and announcing an innovative global strategic alliance with investment bank UBS.