Your Medical Plus Factor


Insight mining to craft a new brand positioning for a health management platform that better appeals and captures their future target market.


Private Health Management was the medical navigator for the 1% - high net worth individuals who could afford to invest whatever it takes to access the world’s best treatment when the unexpected happens. But the company’s future lies in B2B corporate care solutions, so their name was holding them back, with connotations of exclusivity. Additionally, a brand identity that better reflected their premium proposition was long overdue.


In-depth stakeholder interviews with leadership, board members, employees, clients and partners uncovered a rich set of brand truths and insights that helped us craft a brand positioning that balanced and captured PHM’s unique blend of science and people-cenrtic care delivery.

After abbreviating the brand name to PHM, we brought this to life through an identity concept, The Plus Factor, which provides a way to emphasise all the benefits and advantages that working with PHM brings that make a difference to health outcomes.


The new brand has recently launched to wide acclaim.