Bringing intelligence to every negotiation


Multi-target brand platform and dynamic identity system for LexCheck, an AI-powered negotiations platform to make business deals flow faster.


Friction is caused when teams have different agendas, goals, structures and even cultures. LexCheck's founder, Gary Sangha — a lawyer and serial entrepreneur—experienced these challenges firsthand. He created LexCheck to improve contract negotiations and empower businesses to grow faster.


After raising their Series A, we partnered with LexCheck to elevate their brand to match the sophisticated, intelligent solution that they developed. To do so, we started by defining a clear positioning that spoke to the value LexcCheck provided each of their customer segments - from legal, to sales, and procurement teams in start-ups to global enterprises. Ultimately, helping each of these groups achieve their primary goal of making deals flow faster.

Our dynamic identity solution was designed around the idea of 'faster flow' - making the core value of LexCheck clear and engaging to all, and which we launched in a new website.


LexCheck continues to be a pioneer in bringing AI into the legal services field, elevating lawyers and helping the companies they work for grow by agreeing faster.