Exodus Festival

Exodus Festival

Entering a Rave New World

Creative Concepting


We recently partnered with London nightlife institution Fabric to help them co-create a vision for a new festival. After 23 years in existence, they turned to Studio Everywhere for support in helping them think outside their famous 'black box' to invent a bold new vision for a festival that builds on their established brand and music programming strengths and takes these to the next level.


Working closely with festival legend Jason Swamy (of Do What You Love, Wonderfruit, Robot Heart fame) and leading music industry art director Sam Muir, along with Fabric's leadership, programming, marketing and creative teams we co-created a new festival vision.

We mapped out a five-year narrative arc and set of experience principles that will shape and evolve the festival vision across music, production, design, communications, hospitality and other key areas over time.


Fabric presents: EXODUS. The story of our real world becoming a dystopia - we acknowledge this, mirroring the current feeling of IRL anxiety - staging a mass exodus to Utopia to participate in a Rave New World (hat tip to Aldous Huxley).

The first EXODUS will be in July 2023.